Make A Difference HUGE In The Kingdom Of God: Fundraise!

You have God given gifts and talents that can be used to help fund missions for some of Americas poorest families.  We are all made unique and one-of-a-kind to serve and build the Kingdom of God.  You may not know it, but you ALREADY have everything you need to serve in the kingdom!  Below are ways you and/or your group can get involved in making a lasting change in the lives of thousands each year!

A Meal A Month
For one meal every month, use the money you would have spent on the meal and instead mail it in as a sponsorship for a hungry child each month.  While you skip the meal, pray for the children of the mountains and for Anchor Ridge, that we would be able to reach the children who need us most!

Bring Change! 
Contact Anchor Ridge to receive a coin collection container for your school, office, youth group, church congregation or home group!  Encourage people the "Bring Change" to the lives of families by bringing their spare change to fill up the coin containers!  Make it a contest!  Request 2 or more Anchor Ridge coin collection containers to see who can fill their container up the fastest!

Music With A Mission
Team up with your youth group or home group to have a special night of worship.  Charge an admission of $5 at the door to raise money for poor mountain children and their families.  Sometime during the night, show a video from Anchor Ridge to remind everyone to pray for families in the mountains.  Use your youth band, or invite Josh Paul and his worship team to worship with your group and share about the ministry.   Contact us to speak more about having Josh Paul share with your group!

Stacks of 10
Collect 10 - $10 bills from 10 friends and send it in to Anchor Ridge for missionary support.  Just imagine! If 10 people do this, we can collect $1,000 for the kingdom of God!  Join up with a friend and make it a challenge! Split it, you collect 5 - $10 bills and they can collect 5 and see who can do it the fastest!

Find 2
Find 2 friends and ask them to help you sponsor a child for $30/month.  Together, you can each contribute $10/month to bring hope to a child in the mountains each month.  Or, double it and sponsor 2 kids a month for $20/person.  
***Youth groups and churches can sponsor a family for only $120/month!  To raise the money for sponsorship, you could organize bake sales, yard sales, special events and auctions.  All of these are fun and help groups serve the Kingdom in mighty ways!

Build Hope
Do you build things? Knit hats or scarves? Arts and crafts?  Build your items, sell them as a fundraiser and donate the funds to Anchor Ridge to care for families!  You will sell more items when you mention the funds will be used to feed and clothe children, because people love buying things for a good cause!  Better yet, come pick up some pallets from our warehouse to build things out of!  That way, they are buying something they can use that was used to transport the provision to the families!  This is a very cool idea, please let us know if you are good at woodworking! Contact us to talk about this further!

Let's Get Social!
Use your social media to help us raise awareness about the desperate situations in the mountains.  Go live on Facebook to tell about your experiences from mission trips and ways being a part of Anchor Ridge has given you a different outlook on the world.  At the end of your broadcast, tell your viewers you are raising awareness and funds for Appalachian Families and tell them to go to the Anchor Ridge website to find our more and that they can sponsor a child in need.

Office Talk
Talk to people around your office who are passionate about seeing lives changed.  Team up with them to start up a coat drive, a canned food drive or to sponsor a child each month.  Contact us to let us know what you and your squad will be doing!

Keep It Movin
Every week our truck makes a 5 1/2 hour round trip to Bristol, TN to pick up provision from one of our distributers.  The cost of fuel for this truck each monday is about $75.  Team up with friends to sponsor 1 truck a month!  If you find 5 friends, you could each give $15/month and keep those trucks movin!

Plan A Car Wash
Get together with your youth group, home group, or class to organize a car wash to raise funds for outreach events and our local food delivery program!  This is a fun and exciting way to get out into the community and make a big difference in the lives of families!