Becoming An Anchor Ridge Ministry Partner 

Partnering with this ministry ensures that God's Word continues to travel out into parts of the world where it is needed most.  Partnership enables us to keep all events free of charge and open to the public..  It ensures that families who are living in lack will receive the help they need, and your gift will help more and more families each month find the love and freedom in Jesus Christ that they so desperately need.  

Some partners live in areas that may not allow them travel to all the events with us.  Partnership enables them to show up with us in communities stricken with poverty and disease without physically being there.  When you give to JPM, you are showing up in communities with us to break chains and change lives. 

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers 

Q.  How much does partnership cost each month? 

A.  Your gift to the ministry each month is up to you.   You can choose $30, $60, $120, $500 or more. We want you to feel comfortable with the amount that you choose. 

Q.  How will the money I give be used? 

A.  Unless specified, all donations and gifts are put into the general fund of the ministry.  This fund is used to pay for child sponsorship supplies, ministry buildings, broadcast costs, travel expenses, relief supplies, event supplies and other vital resources that we must have to operate. We strategically use funds to make the biggest impact possible for the Kingdom of God.

Q.  How will I benefit from being a monthly partner? 

A.  On top of receiving the Anchor Ridge newsletter, you will also receive the Outreach Partner Letter updating you on specific families that Anchor Ridge has become involved with because of your monthly gift. It will include pictures and interviews, along with testimonies and upcoming event dates.  You will also be the first to hear about new products and offers.   We believe that when you get involved in God's work, He gets involved in your life.  We know that when you give to this ministry, He will richly multiply your gifts right back into your life!  

Q.  How will the ministry recieve my gift each month? 

A.  There are three easy ways to get your gift to us each month.  To make it simple, we offer the option of signing up to have your gift automatically debited from your account each month via credit/debit card. To set this arrangement up, please call us at 1-800-722-8714 or sign up below.  Secondly, you may choose to mail in your gift to us each month.  Simply have your envelope post marked by the end of the month to count for that month.  Thirdly, you may send your total year donation amount in a one time payment, either by credit card, or by mailing it in.  All ministry gifts are tax deductable and all partners will recieve a year-end giving statement.

Thank you to our generous Friends, Partners and Sponsors!